26 mei 2012 Donnica Henry

Dear friends,
We had a wonderful book launch two Saturdays ago (26th of May) in Noordwijk. Approximately 50 people (some of you) attended!! And I signed books for almost two hours (this deserves a triple exclamation point)!!! Everyone that read a completed first draft of The Parallel World, and gave me the encouragement to continue, was there making the launch even more special! Thanks to everyone that came and shared the launch with me, and to everyone that was there in spirit!
I'm sending a special thanks out to my hubby Marc, my manager Drummond, my videographer Jule, and of course Boekhandel Van Der Meer in Noordwijk!
Happy viewing and please feel free to post a like on YouTube :-)

Thrillerschrijfster en juriste Donnica Henry